ptfe beading for Georgetown, DelawareLocated in Bellingham, MA, Medical Component Specialists is a preferred supplier of Georgetown, Delaware PTFE beading for medical applications.

Polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE is a synthetic polymer with a wide range of applications. First discovered in 1938 by a chemist for the DuPont Company, early applications were to create a corrosion-resistant coating for metal equipment used in the handling of radioactive materials during World War II. Because of the properties it possesses, PTFE beading is widely used in medical device applications. Located in Bellingham, MA, Medical Component Specialists, is a preferred supplier of precision medical components from wire, rod, and tubing to Medical OEMs throughout the US.

PTFE beading for Georgetown, Delaware possesses excellent qualities that make it suitable for many applications. These qualities include:

  • Low coefficient of friction: Lower than any other polymer, which is ideal where sliding action occurs
  • Extreme temperature tolerance: Durable in both hot and cold environments and has a high melting point
  • Electrical insulator: Does not conduct electrical charges
  • Chemical resistant: Is chemically inert so it does not react with chemical compounds
  • FDA approved: Is approved for and widely used in medical device applications, possessing superior lubricity and biocompatibility
  • Sterilizable: Because of its high temperature resistance and chemical resistance, PTFE can be sterilized in ethylene oxide or autoclave chambers

In medical applications, Georgetown, Delaware PTFE beading can be used to produce catheters. Because of its lubricity, it allows for easier passage through the body. Catheters can also be used to allow additional passages within a medical device through which guide wires and other equipment can be passed. PTFE can also be used to coat wires, mandrels, and other components that are required to stay sterile and require sterilization.

These features make PTFE beading for Georgetown, Delaware, an essential component for the medical device industry. With over 60 years of experience, Medical Component Specialists has the expertise to deliver precise, quality PTFE components. And with our full in-line production capabilities and ISO 13485 certification, MCS has quickly become a preferred supplier of precision medical components to Medical OEMs worldwide.

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