PTFE Partial or Fully-Coated Mandrels

MCS product quality and grinding expertise mean better surgical outcomes. Our creative design capabilities and flexible manufacturing process enables us to create custom mandrels for your specific application.


Same day shipment for all in-stock items!
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Short & Long Taper Mandrel
Tip Forming / Welding Mandrel
D Taper / C-Shape Mandrel
Brazed Assemblies Mandrel
Steerable / Grooved Mandrel



Same day shipment for all in-stock items!
Custom sizes delivered in less than 7 days.

We Manufacture a Broad Range Of Mandrels

Short & Long Tapers
 Tip Forming / Welding
 D Taper / C-Shape
 Brazed Assemblies
 Steerable / Grooved
 Multi-Lumen / Square
 Hollow Tube

MCS Capabilities

  • Step & Taper Mandrel
  • Through Feed Grinding
  • End Rounding- Deburring & Chamfering or a full Spherical Radius if Needed
  • Ultra Polish up to 2 Ra
  • Process/ Sizing – Staight Wire either Spring Tempered or Annealed
  • ”D” & “C” Mandrels – Ground on One Side to Produce a “D” or a “C” Profile
  • Laser Marking for Product ID, French Sizes & Cut Locations
  • High Speed Burr Free- cut to length
  • Welding & Brazing
  • Precision Coating Removal
  • Bending & Forming

MCS Mandrels are also available through Chamfr.

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Stent Inspection Mandrels made from Sapphire

This application, for ESI/Visicon Inspection Systems and other similar equipment, is optimized for maximum safe production leading to higher stent inspection throughput.

Engineered to reflect optimum light, this process allows for easier defect detection. It’s also a safer inspection. The mandrels are smoother to prevent unintended damage to stents resulting in less downtime due to damage.

This Stent Inspection process helps MCS clients meet strict output needs while creating a superior product.

Sapphire Inspection Mandrels

Materials Matter

State of the art materials that fit your application

Nitinol- Ideal for smaller mandrels prone to kinking, Nitinol combines superior strength and elasticity. Our Nitinol “Super Mandrels” last up to 10 times longer than Spring Temper Mandrels.

Hollow Tube - For larger mandrels consider hollow tubes for their ultra smooth finish and superior thermal properties. These hypo tubes will reduce cooling times and maximize your production capacity. Also,
plugs can be welded on for clamping purposes.

Tool Steels -Tool steels are utilized for superior strength, hardness, and resistance to abrasion and deformation. Offered at up to 60 Rockwell hardness, these can with stand razor blade cuts directly on surface.


  • ISO 13485 implantable medical device manufacturer
  • FDA Registered
  • Lot traceability, complete certification
  • In-Line manufacturing to maintain quality and lower costs
  • Materials used to make MCS products meet ASTM-A313 (304SS), ASTM F-138 (316LVM), ASTM-F1537 (Cobalt-Chrome), ASTM-F2063 (Nitinol)

A Legacy of Excellence

Medical Component Specialists, Inc. was established in 2002, continuing the legacy of over 60 years of family grinding craftsmanship. Founder Jim Moore, a third generation craftsman, incorporates traditional craftsmanship, passed on through generations, with 21st century technology and a lean manufacturing style.

MCS has quickly become a preferred supplier of precision medical components from wire, rod and tubing to Medical OEM’s throughout the US. New England-based MCS has a network of sales professionals located around the country to build personal relationships and provide exceptional
customer service.

Your ONE Integrated Source for Mandrels

  • In-Line Capabilities Optimized for Mandrel Production
  • Stepped, Taper, & End Rounding Capabilities
  • Immediate Access to Most Mandrel Materials
  • CNC & Precision Grinding
  • Hollow Mandrel Technology