cannulated drill for Shawnee, KansasChoosing the right cannulated drill for specific surgical procedures can be a daunting task. There are a variety of geometries and sizes to choose from, different processes for maintaining and keeping them sharp, and techniques for using them. Fortunately, here at Medical Component Specialists (MCS) in Bellingham, MA, we specialize in producing some of the industry’s finest cannulated drills. Our precise grinding creates the sharpest of points to minimize the possibility of necrosis and our use of high quality materials ensures the strength required to drill through bone.

At MCS, our capabilities include:

  • Standard and Custom Flute Geometries
  • Materials Options: 17/4, 17/7, M2, 440A, 455, 465, 420B mod. Titanium, Nitinol
  • Heat Treatment on a Variety of Material
  • Passivation & Electro Polishing
  • Electrochemical Markup, Laser Marking
  • Complete inventory of surgical drills, including:
    • Extremity drills
    • Trauma drills
    • Spine drills
    • Large & small joint replacement drills
    • Elective surgery drills

Surgical procedures call for a wide range of drills. For example, a Shawnee, Kansas cannulated drill compression and instrumentation in spine surgery.

A cannulated drill for Shawnee, Kansas can be either air or electrically powered and the power switch controlled either by hand or by foot. A perforator or an acorn cannulated drill bit can be used to create the initial burr holes for cranial cases. It should be noted that continuous irrigation should be used when using a perforator so that the bone dust does not clog up the drill bit and potentially compromise the built-in automatic stopping mechanism once the inner cortical bone has been bored through.

For delicate drilling near critical neurovascular structures, finer Shawnee, Kansas cannulated drill bits, including rough and fine diamond drill bits, should be used. It’s important to use continued irrigation to remove the bone dust, help dissipate heat, and decrease thermal injury. Cottonoids should be kept away from high-speed drills to keep them from being caught and causing unwanted movement of the drill as well as damage to the surrounding structures.

These cranial and spinal related procedures are just some of the uses of our drills. To learn more about all our precision surgical instruments, contact the Shawnee, Kansas medical drill experts here at Medical Component Specialists.

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