PTFE Glass Filled Mandrels

PTFE glass-filled mandrels are the latest and greatest way to create smooth and consistent catheters and are an alternative to traditional PTFE-coated stainless steel mandrels. PTFE-coated stainless steel mandrels can impart PTFE contamination into the final product, hold lengthy lead times, and be very expensive due to the raw materials and manufacturing process. PTFE glass-filled mandrels are incredibly consistent, eliminate contamination risk, and are significantly cheaper. Modern grinding technology also allows for a high-performance ground surface finish when compared to their PTFE-coated counterparts. When it comes to catheter forming and assembly, PTFE glass-filled mandrels are not just preferred but essential!

What else makes PTFE glass-filled mandrels so great?

Well, how about ultra-precision tolerances as tight as +/- .0001″? This means they are incredibly precise and can be used in most applications where a stainless steel mandrel with PTFE coating is usually used. They are also highly lubricious, even before applying a high-performance ground finish. The obvious benefit here is how easily they can be removed – even if they have been elongated. PTFE glass-filled mandrels can also withstand working temperatures of up to 260 Celsius or 500 Fahrenheit, making them ideal for use in high-temperature applications.

In difficult-to-extract materials, such as nylon, PTFE glass-filled can be elongated for a simple release in seconds without damaging the device. This is especially useful in medical procedures where fast and efficient extraction is essential. In multi-lumen work, they eliminate significant thermal mass for much quicker production rates from reduced cooling and removal times. The multi-lumen approach also provides a comprehensive range of solutions for any application, from simple 3D printing systems and complex components with intricate details.

If you’re looking for a precision component that offers all of the benefits of a standard PTFE-coated stainless steel mandrel with none of the drawbacks, then PTFE glass-filled mandrels are a perfect choice.

Medical Component Specialists can help with all your medical equipment needs, specifically with PTFE glass-filled mandrels. With over 60 years of grinding craftsmanship, MCS has the experience and expertise to provide you with the highest-quality medical components on the market. This expertise allows us to apply steps, tapers, slots, or other custom mandrels, typically delivered in less than two weeks, not months. MCS’s master grinding capabilities ensure precision and unsurpassed quality, while CNC machining enables high-volume production to suit our customers’ diverse needs. With full in-line production capabilities and ISO 13485 certification, MCS has quickly become a preferred supplier of precision medical components to Medical OEMs worldwide. Whether you need a custom mandrel for a specific application or simply want the highest quality PTFE glass-filled mandrel available, contact MCS today and try our PTFE quick-release mandrels. You won’t be disappointed!