Every year, more than 2 million stents are installed in patients across the United States. With such a high quantity of these medical devices needed to treat potentially life-threatening cardiac conditions, this leaves no room for error. To ensure that the product is safe to use, each stent must be carefully inspected to ensure it is defect-free.

This is where Medical Component Specialists’ sapphire stent inspection mandrels prove useful. Historically stent inspection mandrels are manufactured from ceramic. The stent is inserted on the mandrel for visual inspection to ensure the device is free from defects. However, these ceramic mandrels break and scratch easily and can cause unintended damage to the mandrel.

With MCS’s sapphire stent inspection mandrels, they are stronger, smoother, more scratch-resistant, and reflect more light. These features make the inspection process easier and more accurate. MCS sapphire inspection mandrels are also compatible with ESI/Visicon Inspection Systems and similar equipment.

These features enable customers to improve the stent inspection process for higher throughput and less downtime, while at the same time meeting strict output requirements with a superior product.

Customers also can enjoy quick delivery times for these state-of-the-art inspection mandrels. Our sapphire stent mandrels are included as part of our Quick Ship Program. These products are kept in stock and available for next-day shipment. This reduces the amount of time you’re left waiting for your order so that you can quickly begin implementing sapphire mandrels for stent inspection.

If you’re looking to learn more about our precision-ground sapphire stent inspection mandrels, get in touch with the knowledgeable team at Medical Component Specialists today.