shoulder pins for Paterson, New JerseyOrthopedic surgeons depend on precise medical instruments to give their patients the best experience during surgery and throughout recovery. Medical Component Specialists, located in Bellingham, MA, have over 60 years of creating precision ground medical components for a wide range of applications. This includes expertly crafted shoulder pins, which help improve surgical outcomes.

When in the market for Paterson, New Jersey, shoulder pins, our products provide an ultra-sharp hollow point to reduce insertion forces, while harder cutting edges mean lower heat and minimal cell necrosis. Our precision finish is ultra-smooth, which makes the pins easier to remove post-surgery, minimizing patient discomfort.

Paterson, New Jersey shoulder pins created by MCS come in a variety of options to best meet your component needs. This includes:

  • K-Wires – small (.7mm to 1.8mm dia)
  • Steinmann Pins – medium (1.8mm to 4.0mm dia)
  • Trocars — large (4mm to 8mm dia)

Depending on your needs, shoulder pins for Paterson, New Jersey also come as extended length K-wires in stainless steel or nitinol for orthopedic guidewire applications. Our in-line capabilities are fully optimized for K-wire production and we have immediate access to most materials for K-wire production. We also create shoulder pins for Paterson, New Jersey that come in specialty varieties such as Olive, Knowles, Overmold/notched, Threaded, Echo-genic, or Biopsy Needles.

All shoulder pins for Paterson, New Jersey manufactured by MCS are to the highest quality standards. This includes the following quality and certification standards:

  • ISO13485 implantable medical device manufacturer
  • Lot traceability, complete certification
  • In-Line manufacturing to maintain quality and lower costs
  • Materials used to make MCS products meet ASTM-F899 (304SS), ASTM F-138 (316LVM), ASTM-F1537 (Cobalt-Chrome), ASTM-F2063 (Nitinol)
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