reamer medical device orthopedic surgeryLocated in Bellingham, MA, Medical Component Specialists produces high-quality and precise medical reamer devices for orthopedic use in the Columbia, Missouri area.

Surgeons rely on a wide range of tools to enhance surgical outcomes for their patients. When it comes to orthopedic procedures, a reamer medical device is a common manual tool used by orthopedic surgeons. Typically, reamers are used to create an enlarged opening in the medullary canal – the central, marrow-containing area of a bone – to create space to insert other orthopedic devices. Common use cases include during the implantation of a prosthetic device or during procedures to stabilize broken, misaligned bones. Located in Bellingham, MA, Medical Component Specialists expertly produces these devices with a high degree of precision.

When manufacturing cannulated drills like reamer medical devices for Columbia, Missouri, the highest level of precision and quality helps to improve surgical outcomes. At MCS, we offer full in-line manufacturing capabilities for these medical devices, which are also manufactured in the USA to ISO 13485 implantable medical device standards. Additional benefits of our CNC machining system include:

  • Quick, nimble, and responsive production
  • Precise repeatability in the manufacturing process
  • Flexible finishing options
  • Automation for 24/7 unattended run time and continuous grinding

When producing Columbia, Missouri, reamer medical devices, this precision creates the sharpest points, thus, reducing the likelihood of necrosis. Plus, high-quality materials like stainless steel (17/4, 17/7, M2, 440A, 455, 465, and 420B mod.), titanium, and nitinol give the device the necessary strength to drill through bone. These materials can also benefit from a PTFE coating. Since the PTFE is biocompatible, chemical resistant, and withstands extreme temperatures, it protects the device while its lubricious properties make it easier to remove.

Because of these reasons, MCS has become a trusted supplier of reamer medical devices in the Columbia, Missouri service area, to medical OEMs around the world. As an FDA-registered facility with ISO 13485 certification, we’re committed to creating the precise tools that the medical device industry needs. If you’re interested in learning more about the services we provide, contact our experienced team for more information today.

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