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Product Features:

  • Lowest thermal mass
  • Fastest release
  • Zero risk or contamination
  • Durability and compressive strength
  • Electrical insulation
  • Resistant to corrosion and damage
  • Resistant to high temperatures, up to 500º F
  • Highly lubricious, making them easier to remove from expensive devices
  • Consistency and elimination of contamination risk
  • Can achieve a high-performance ground surface finish

Polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE, is a highly lubricous polymer with many applications. One important application is in medical devices and components, like stainless steel PTFE-coated hypo-tubes, where it is widely used because of its high biocompatibility and inertness.

Stainless steel PTFE-coated hypo-tubes are small diameter hollow tubes that are common within the medical device industry. While they are an important component of the hypodermic needle – which is where they get their name – they are ideal for the production of EP catheters, guidewire cores, and alternatives to wires in neurology, embolic protection, carotid artery therapy, and more.

Because stainless steel PTFE-coated hypo-tubes can degrade over time, the coating peels off, and have extremely long coating lead times, see our NEW Quick Release PTFE Glass tubing technology.

Depending on the specific need, medical OEMs may request hypo-tubes with sharp tips, tapers, or steps. As a trusted provider of precision medical components to global medical OEMs, Medical Component Specialists excel in precision grinding, enabling us to craft high-quality, quick-release PTFE glass tubing.

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