Trocars are a specialized type of needle, typically used during laparoscopies and other minimally invasive surgeries. These needles make small punctures through which surgeons can insert cannulas for surgical instruments. To reduce complications, medical device manufacturers rely on precise and high-quality trocars.

In a technical sense, trocars are a 3-sided grind on a solid wire. To create these precise instruments, MCS has invested in automation technology that will increase our throughput while maintaining the quality we are known for. This ultra-sharp, robotic point grinding also expands MCS’s market from common trocars and K-wires into complex biopsy tools, cutters, and threaded fixation devices. These grinding machines run unattended – lights out with Renshaw probes, glass scales, and incredible precision. The machine also holds +/- .001 on OAL length and 1 minute on angle accuracy, for mirror smooth finishes and “ultra-precision” parts.

We also have invested in automatic straightening platforms and two additional Swiss lathes. This expands our inventory of high-speed Swiss CNC equipment to enhance our precision grinding capabilities and flexible finishing options that enable quick, nimble, and responsive production of high-quality parts at an exceptional value. These added capabilities will allow MCS to make the C20715 in the strongest 1 piece construction. We have a fully automatic manufacturing solution for this family of parts and raw materials on the shelf so production can start immediately.

For over 60 years, Medical Component Specialists has been providing precision grinding services to clients in the medical device space. Manufacturing medical components like ortho-pins, mandrels, cannulated drills, and staples for orthopedics and interventional applications, our precision grinding provides unmatched quality while our CNC machining enables high-volume production. We also are ISO 13485:2016 certified manufacturers, demonstrating our commitment to quality and service.

If you’re looking for a reliable trocar manufacturer, look no further than Medical Component Specialists. If you’d like to learn more about our capabilities, please get in touch or request a quote.