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Medical Component Specialists Leads Medical Industry with Innovative Equipment Purchase

Bellingham, MA, November 6, 2018- Medical Component Specialists of Bellingham, Massachusetts recently acquired Tridex Burr Free Grinding and Cut Off Technology equipment to better serve its medical device customers. This burr free Electro Chemical Grinding (ECG) equipment boasts faster, cost-effective grinding capabilities along with precise cutoff capabilities for tubing and wiring for the medical, aircraft, and automotive industries. The Automated Point Grinding allows grinding of flutes, diamond points, traditional trocars, and any custom needle points; all with super precision and without burrs.

“We’re excited about utilizing this new technology that gives us a greater range of options and customization abilities for our customers.” – James Moore, President, Medical Component Specialists

This machine allows MCS greater flexibility to meet customers exact specifications in a timely manner on materials as challenging as cobalt and nitinol.  Highlights of this Tridex equipment include completely burr-free cuts, minimal cutting forces for thin wall tubes, and low cutting temperatures:

A completely burr-free cut Very low cutting forces for thin wall tubes Low cutting temperatures No heat affected zone
No work hardening Long wheel life Fast, precise cuts Almost all metals can be cut burr free
Tridex Technology
Tridex Technology
State of the Art Equipment

Medical Component Specialists is the preferred supplier of precision medical components from wire, rod, and tubing to Medical OEM’s throughout the United States.

If you would like more information, please contact James Moore at 877-700-7797 or email at