Medical Component Specialists mandrel products

We here at Medical Component Specialists (MCS) continue our storied legacy of innovation through integration with the announcement of our exciting new online store! This e-commerce integration will now allow our amazing customers direct access to our long heralded Quick Ship Program catalog!

Our long-standing Quick Ship Program has been providing high performance catheter mandrels for years. We continue to partner ourselves with the very best coating technologies, offering the most durable and lubricious coated catheter mandrels on the market. The MCS Quick Ship Program has never been more equipped or accessible to deliver what you need, when you need it most. Our customers will continue to enjoy choosing from our robust and ever-growing inventory of catheter mandrels, including but not limited to:

  • Lab in a Bag
  • PTFE Solid Catheter Mandrels
  • PTFE Hollow Catheter Mandrels
  • Diamond Drawn Solid Catheter Mandrels
  • Precision Ground Solid Catheter Mandrels
  • French Size PTFE Solid Catheter Mandrels
  • French Size Ultra Polish Catheter Mandrels
  • French Size PTFE Hollow Tube Catheter Mandrels

With the integration of our exciting new online store, you have the benefit of dealing with manufacturers directly. That means faster order processing, the best pricing and most importantly, the fastest delivery to you possible.

No, online purchasing in 2022 isn’t exactly revolutionary news. We experienced our revolution 10 years ago when we first created the Quick Ship Program! This is simply the evolution of a massively successful program that has proudly served thousands of customers worldwide. We’re happy to expand our outreach through the speed and convenience of e-commerce, feeding a need for quick-turn catheter mandrel products the only way we know how.

Visit us on the information superhighway, we’re only a click away.