The use of minimally invasive surgery (MIS) has revolutionized the medical industry by enabling surgeons to perform complex procedures through small incisions. One of the critical aspects of MIS is the use of specialized tools that can navigate through complex structures in the body with ease. These tools are crucial for the success of the procedure, and any failure can result in severe consequences for the patient. In this article, we will delve into the role of custom-slotted mandrels in MIS and how they serve as a key manufacturing aid.

What are Custom-Slotted Mandrels?

Custom-slotted mandrels are manufacturing aids used during the assembly of catheters and medical instruments before packaging and sterilization. Most importantly, they increase the efficiency and reliability of the manufacturing process. The mandrels are designed with grooves or slots that ensure the accurate and repeatable assembly of catheter instruments, thus reducing the chances of errors and rejected assemblies during manufacturing. Their ease of use can also be enhanced by using advanced materials like PTFE beading or PTFE glass-filled mandrels. Because the manufacturing process becomes more precise, there is less waste of expensive materials and less time lost due to errors.

Why are Custom-Slotted Mandrels Necessary?

The use of custom-slotted mandrels is vital for the successful manufacture of medical instruments and catheters. Without them, there would be a greater chance of errors during assembly that destroy expensive materials. The grooved mandrels also minimize the chances of the catheter sticking to the built mandrel, which is one of the largest failure modes in catheter instrument manufacturing.

Why Are Custom-Slotted Mandrels So Important in MIS?

Custom-slotted mandrels are an integral part of minimally invasive surgery, producing the catheters that enable enhanced navigation and control throughout the procedure. Mandrels are vital in creating catheters that can efficiently navigate the body’s complexities. Without the right surgical tools, surgeons may need to make additional incisions or opt for more invasive procedures.

Leaders in Custom-Slotted Mandrels

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Custom-slotted mandrels play an essential role in the success of minimally invasive surgery, providing catheters for precise control and maneuverability during medical procedures. Contact Medical Component specialists today to get started with custom-slotted mandrels.