8 machines, 16 spindles now total, fully automated CNC small hole medical gun-drill cell. Using custom hybrid drill technology with full automation, turns our 16 spindles into over 60 spindles compared to standard gun-drilling speed & feed rates.

Raw material pricing is steadily increasing while lead times are up as much as 4x over 2019. At MCS, we can help:

  • We’ve invested heavily in process automation and integrated robotics to bridge the skilled labor gap that currently looms over the industry while driving our quality to new heights!
  • We’ve taken a hard look at our supply chain and identified our most significant risks, investing heavily in a robust inventory of industry-standard materials and sizes.
  • Our new state-of-the-art Gun Drilling technology is proof positive of our commitment to take back control so that we may continue to serve our customers and their patients. This technology has effectively enabled us to delete the need for costly pre-cannulated material used for orthopedic drills.
  • We continue to recruit top talent to support the many facets of our growing organization, innovating new ways to elevate the customer experience.