Customized Grinding

Medical Component Specialists own and operate over two dozen highly customized grinding platforms to produce precision medical components from wire, rod and tubing.


We offer a broad range of grinding technologies and our skilled operators are capable of meeting the standards expected by medical device manufacturers. Our products are used for Orthopaedics, Interventional Therapies, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Drug Delivery and other medical specialties.

Our capabilities include:

  • Tripoints, Trocars and K-Wires
  • Custom Needles
  • Catheter Forming Mandrels
  • Burr Free Hypotubing
  • Precision Centerless Grinding
  • Arthroscopic Devices
  • Cowires & Guidewires
  • PTFE Coated Mandrels
  • Bone Drills
  • Straight Cut Wire
  • Diamond Burrs

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