Producing consistent, high-quality medical guidewires requires tight tolerances and a remarkably high level of precision with virtually no room for error. Any incorrect dimensions, surface coarseness, or protrusions can result in unacceptable rejection rates and product defects requiring costly rework. Unfortunately, many of today’s medical guidewires are produced using decades-old CAD/CAM technology that is periodically updated with system patches and add-on modules, increasing the risk of manufacturing errors and product defects. 

At Medical Component Specialists, we continue to expand our drill capabilities to better serve our medical device customers by obtaining state of the art industry equipment. Rather than struggling with additional systems added to decades-old designs, our CAM.2 micro-grinding system from Glebar provides micro-grinding and guidewire grinding with a completely reimagined system design that is unmatched by our competitors. No sensors or systems to move, modern custom-written software with better control and intuitive design, and most important, unparalleled stability and a continuous feed system that enables virtually unlimited part length and stability that is unrivaled. That’s why CAM.2 has been named Winner of Medical Product Manufacturing News top 100 several years in a row.

When it comes to micro-grinding, proactive monitoring and prevention creates far superior quality products. Rather than monitoring and reacting to speed, position, or rotation, the CAM.2 uses a patented dual-carriage linear motor part feed technology to control all aspects at all times, ensuring the highest degree of diameter and length technology. Previously unproducible parts can be made easily with minimal set-up time. We can produce flats, radiuses, needle points, non-linear shapes, and more with precision beyond any other machine’s abilities — and in a fraction of the time with virtually no length limit.

The heart of the CAM.2 is the unique continuous feed system powered by a pair of direct drive linear motors controlled by an advanced controller with no loss of precision during part handling. The motors are checked by a laser interferometer to ensure sub-micron accuracy, something not even the most experienced technician can ever hope to accomplish by eye. Combined with the 15” industrial touch-screen and reimagined custom software, we can monitor all phases of production with ease. EtherCAT technology and Glebar Advanced Analytics drive the system, enabling our operators and managers to be proactive instead of reactive, using real-time analytics to prevent wasted materials and unnecessary downtime.

The Dulcite iron and steel wheelguard conforms to ANSI safety code unlike the cast iron and aluminum construction of competitors’ systems. The precision granite base of our CAM.2 system replaces the traditional cast iron bed of older, conventional systems, producing unparalleled temperature control and vibration stability. And the CAM.2’s unique mist control feature creates an environmentally-clean enclosure with no drops or misting in the production area.

Our CAM.2 system creates tools with sub-micron level accuracy that is simply unachievable by competitors. So if your diagnostic or therapeutic product requires the highest quality, precision medical guidewires, dental parts, or micro-precision parts, give us a call or email us to learn more about how our CAM.2 micro-grinding system can give you a significant competitive advantage.