Assorted Mandrels

Throughout the past year and a half, many of our competitors were struggling to survive, Medical Component Specialists have increased capacity to meet the medical device demands. Currently, we have seen a surge in the need for medical device instruments and pins that require precise grinding. 

This demand has only been exacerbated by our competitors’ inability to meet demands, the move out of hospital surgical centers, and increasing regulatory pressures. In both the United States and Europe, regulatory agencies are expanding reserialization requirements. At the same time, healthcare costs within the US continue to increase, leaving healthcare providers to find cost savings, while the shift to value-based care and bundled pricing have influenced change too. 

MCS is ready to meet and exceed these expectations and has increased our capability to reflect our ability to meet our clients’ demands and deliver medical device equipment that exceeds quality standards. Our products are all manufactured within the United States to ISO 13485 implantable medical device manufacturing and various ASTM standards, using high-quality source materials. Each product is FDA-registered with full lot traceability. 

Our full-service, end-to-end manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Grinding: Step, Through-Feed, Form, Taper, Fluting, OD, Needle, and Point Grinding
  • CNC Machining: Swiss, 11 Axis, 7 Axis, CNC, CNC Cut Off, and CNC Grinding
  • Forming: Bending, Flaring, Swaging, Brazing, Welding, Thread Rolling, Heat Setting, and Heat Treatment
  • Finishing: Tumbling, Centrifugal, Vibratory, Tumble Blasting, CNC Laser Marking, Electrochemical Marking, Burnishing, Painting, Electro Polish, Passivation, and Ultrasonic Cleaning

We offer full in-line manufacturing capabilities for medical devices, including design, production, and finishing. With high-speed Swiss CNC equipment, precision grinding capabilities, and flexible finishing options, we can be quick, nimble, and responsive in our ability to produce high-quality parts at an exceptional value. With our increased capacity for drill manufacturing, fixation pin manufacturing, and interventional devices like guidewires and catheter forming mandrels, we have the open capability to help you with your 2022 cutting instrument or grinding projects. 

To explore your requirements and our capabilities for 2022, contact us to learn how we can be instrumental in your success.