Medical drills have been a part of medical history for a long time. Long ago, as far back as 6500 BCE, people believed that you could help a person release the bad spirits from their head or to help a headache by drilling a small circular hole in the side of their head. This was called Trepanation, which used a small surgical instrument with a cylindrical blade called a trephine. By the end of the Middle Ages, this procedure was no longer in practice in most cultures. However, it is historically important as the humble beginnings of medical drills. Modern medical drills have evolved into intelligently designed tools used in dentistry, orthopedic surgery, and neurosurgery.

Today, having modern medical equipment can be the difference between life and death. Medical professionals should always use the best and highest quality tool for the job, making sourcing quality tools an important factor in performing life-saving procedures. As you can imagine, drilling through bone is not an easy task, and if safety is on your list of concerns, not just any drill will suffice. When it comes to modern medical drills, Medical Component Specialists is the place to look. Safety, efficiency, and excellence are on our minds.

Since our founding in 2002, our manufacturing and grinding expertise has allowed us to create medical drills with precisely sharp points and made out of the highest quality materials to ensure strength. This follows a legacy of over 60 years of grinding craftsmanship in the family of our current president, Jim Moore. We have invested in the technology to ensure our drill products are ready for your operating room by preparing them for surgery with precision grinding, fluted geometries, and electro-polishing, so they will last longer and work better. Our products are heat-treated, on different materials, and passivated to make surgery easier, quicker, safer, and offer a faster recovery time for the patient, and minimize the possibility of necrosis.

Based in the United States, MCS boasts in-line manufacturing capabilities with our high-speed Swiss CNC equipment, which allows for design, production, and finishing. We ensure that we can create high-quality, precise tools at lower costs for your specific needs anywhere in the world. We offer full service from end to end, and that is why we are the chosen supplier for medical OEMs worldwide.

MCS Capabilities

  • Standard and Custom Flute Geometries
  • Materials Options: 17/4, 17/7, M2, 440A, 455, 465, 420B mod. Titanium, Nitinol
  • Heat Treatment on a Variety of Material
  • Passivation & Electro Polishing
  • Electrochemical Markup, Laser Marking

Materials used to make MCS products meet the requirements for ASTM-F899 (304SS), ASTM F-138 (316LVM), ASTM-F1537 (Cobalt-Chrome), ASTM-F2063 (Nitinol).